Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Ultimate Wu

As some people will know, my other blog is The Ultimate Wu.
The Ultimate Wu blog is host to around 700 links all of which are either from the mighty Wu Tang or from there extended family, when we opened in up we got flooded with people and before long we attracted the attention of a few "Officail" sites who objected to alot of our links being posted, so we went private. The site now has about 150 members and we still finding stuff to feed the wu appitite. So if you want an invite please leave a comment to this thread, i get comments, but when published i have to searching for them, so please stop leaving random comments asking for invites and do so here, on this thread.

I forgot to mention that i'll need an valid e-mail address to send invites too!

OK, IMMA CHANGE IT....LOL, holla at me at for invites, then ya'll dont need to leave your emails for others to see, I will keep them private and send invites every day!