Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Akinyele - Music Killz

Not much info on this other than it was released in 2004 and seems to be a collection of rare Ak tunes...?....this was requested so enjoy..

Monday, 26 February 2007

Bass Lines, Angles and Rhymes


Rodski, Don Derezon and BMG are the Hyperdelics, thats all i know....lol, any info folks, other than they being from Germany?

click the pic to hear this CD i picked up in 1993 after nothing else was worth buying, well, i'm not saying this is, but cop it and tell me what ya think.....

Papoose.......The Saviour Of Hip Hop ??????

Before Nas told us all that Hip Hop was dead a young New Yorker was already claiming to be hip hop's saviour. Shamele Mackie (Papoose) first appeared on wax on a Kool G Rap's Roots of Evil album in 1998 but after failing to secure a deal he chose to stick to mixtapes and build up a rep before signing any deals. He met Kayslay when the DJ was leaving his radio station and kept bugging him with demos, and it was'nt long till Pap was appearing on Kayslays Streetsweeper series, and some of his tunes have became somewhat legandry due to his complex vocabluary and ideas, and although most are copied from Old school hip hop, the "younger" generation of hip hop fans have taken Papoose to heart and do believe he's the next big thing. He done a few songs with Busta Rhymes and seems to have broke mainstream, all this with out dropping an album!. Although this is about to change, in August 2006 he signed a $1.5 million contract with Jive Records and his album The Nacirema Dream will be appearing at a record shop near you soon. I personally think his flow is reminiscance of Big L and with the right direction 2007 could be his year.....we'll see.
till then check out his mixtapes, right click the pics and save as......

Mad Propz to All Papoose.com

Tim Dog

His affiliation with Ultramagnetic Mc's made me buy the album before "Fuck Compton" blew up, but was quite dissappointed in a weak album, but still, its an album that should be heard.....what i did like tho' was his Bitch With A Perm CDS.....so here it is for ya'll listening pleasure

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Big Balled


Cypress Hill

Every now and agian i'd go into my local hip hop shop to buy a 12" or album and they'd have nothing worthy of my hard earned cash. More than often i'd simply buy an album cause of who produced it or who featured on it, many times i got home to find some real garbage...Nemesis anybody?.......lol..well, one day i there was simply nothing that caught my eye, so i picked up this Cypress Hill and decided the tracklist looked intresting enough to warrent a purchase......Boy was i glad i did......This album is One of the best ever made, several tracks are years ahead of any other releases at the time.....and when they finally started to get some recognition and no one in my town could get hold of this, i simply sat back safe in the knowledge that i had a classic!

1 Pigs (2:51)
2 How I Could Just Kill a Man (4:08)
3 Hand on the Pump (4:03)
4 Hole in the Head (3:33)
5 Ultraviolet Dreams (:41)
6 Light Another (3:17)
7 Phuncky Feel One (3:28)
8 Break It Up (1:07)
9 Real Estate (3:45)
10 Stoned Is the Way of the Walk (2:46)
11 Psycobetabuckdown (2:59)
12 Something for the Blunted (1:15)
13 Latin Lingo (3:58)
14 Funky Cypress Hill Shit (4:01)
15 Tres Equis (1:54)
16 Born to Get Busy (3:00)

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Karizma Freestyle

Rapper Karizma showing ya'll how we do in Notts

P-Mix Vol.2

As on Vol 1, this is a small selection of what made the mid 90's such a amazing time to be part of the Hip Hop community
Right Click the Front cover and Save As..........

P-Mix Vol.1

This is a small compilation i put together a while ago, as you can see from the tracklist, its kinda popular songs from the 90's....Right Click on the front cover and Save As....

Wu-Tang - Secret Rivals

Every now and again i make my own mixtape...heres a Wu one i made a month ago

Right Click the Pic and save as.........

Dj OSK Presents RZAvoir Dogs

Heres a recent one i copped and uploaded for some freinds......thought i'd boost 900's Wu Collection.....Enjoy, this is HOT!

Slick Rick

Once upon a time not long ago, when people wore pyjama's and lived life slow, there was a young rapper by the name of Slick Rick. Moving to the Bronx from London at a young age, Rick Walters (who was blinded in one eye from a broken glass accident as a child)after graduating found himself using his London accent to join up with Dane Dane and form The Kangol Crew. They made fame in rap battles all aroung New York and at one of these in 1984 he met Doug E Fresh...........You know the rest!

heres his debut solo album fron 1988, the Great Adventures Of Slick Rick changed Hip Hop, and has been imitated by several rappers since. Salute this classic!

1 Treat Her Like a Prostitute (3:55)
2 Ruler's Back (5:38)
3 Children's Story (4:02)
4 Moment I Feared (3:36)
5 Let's Get Crazy (3:51)
6 Indian Girl (An Adult Story) (3:17)
7 Teenage Love (4:53)
8 Mona Lisa (4:08)
9 Kit (What's the Scoop) (3:22)
10 Hey Young World (4:37)
11 Teacher, Teacher (5:00)
12 Lick the Balls (3:56)

Eddie Money and the Desert Desciplez

These guys are simply dope, check out the mixtape to hear for yourself, then come back and ask bout them......lol, they from Dubai, and they cool with me, so anyone wants collabs or exclusive tracks just ask and i'll ask my boys Eddie Money, Ju Ju and Otto

Right Click The Cover and save as.......its a self extracting file, so just double click it once downloaded to extract....


Friday, 23 February 2007

Eddie Money & the Desert Desciplez


Damn, hell knows whats wrong with my photoshop....lol^^^^^^^^

One strange thing about D-Nice's second solo album is how, in "25 ta Life," he claims to not be into treating women like hookers, when a song from his debut -- "Pimp of the Year" -- painted a very different picture. And no disrespect to Too Short (at least everyone knows where he stands), but you can't give him a guest spot on your record and expect to be considered anti-womanizer. Whether or not "Pimp of the Year" was intended as a spoof, it's all but impossible to not see a contradiction. At any rate, To tha Rescue is a slight dip from Call Me D-Nice; even with a revolving door of a supporting cast that includes Too Short, Naughty by Nature, and KRS-One, D-Nice wasn't able to put together an album that progressed from his debut. The album isn't without its winning spots, however. In "Time to Flow," he sounds tougher than ever; he steps up and swaps verses with Treach without sounding any less intense than his sparring partner. On "No No No," a track produced with Skeff Anselm, he delivers some lines worthy of KRS: "But don't talk about thieves/'Cause on the whole, America's the greatest country that was ever stole." D-Nice's own productions aren't as strong as ones from his brethren. This places the album a notch below the debut. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

Harsh, but true, still go cop it, i liked it....lol

Tha Mexakinz

I have no explanation why i brought this, but i was pleasantly surprised when i got it home and played it, although the beats are somewhat typical of the era, thier energy just about makes them pull it off with i guess could be called a upbeat cd.Click the CD and tell me what you think, i'm personally glad to have this in the collection!


Now this is CLASSIC!
After hearing him on the Main Source track Live At The Bar-B-Que i guessed straight away that Ak would blow, and after hearing Ak Ha Ha Ak Hoo Hoo on a Red Alert
Show i hunted down the album.....The Large Professor produced album is
full of hits and from the very first line of the very first song (Worldwide - I been in and out all areas, And all you true hip hop fans you know the Ak is takin' care of ya) you just knew that AK would bring the heat........Click the CD print for the Album....





and if i get a comment or two i may up this....


You've got to wonder if the major labels that signed eccentric, unorthodox new-school rap groups like Rumpletilskinz did so as mere tax write-offs, without ever intending to promote them properly, because with a little publicity push, What Is a Rumpletilskin? could have captured many of the same imaginations as the artists who were a part of the Native Tongues diaspora, not to mention commercially successful crews from a couple years down the road like Roc-a-Fella and Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad, both of which sound, in retrospect, as if they had carefully cribbed notes from the foursome. As it is, the album vanished from circulation almost before anyone had an opportunity to answer the title question, and it turned out to be the only recording by the Skinz. It's a shame on both counts. Close associates of Leaders of the New School -- the group's three MCs were featured on "Sound of the Zeekers" from L.O.N.S.'s debut outing, A Future without a Past -- Rumpletilskinz were, in fact, very much in the same mold as that foursome, zestfully trading off verses like the restless, grown-up nephews of original rap crews like the Furious Five and Funky Four Plus One. They can be just as zany as L.O.N.S., too, as each MC brings his own distinctive flavor: the Remedy Man (aka Shanow), loquaciousness carried by a windy, high-pitched whine; Jeranimo and his manic, proto-Ritalin breathlessness, the obvious neurotic id of the group; and R.P.M., who also expertly produced the lion's share of the tracks, its raw-throated linchpin. But Rumpletilskinz also projected some of Onyx's menacing, in-your-face smart-mouthing, perfectly exemplified by the larynx-throttling verbal throw-down "Mad M.F.'s," not coincidentally helmed by Onyx producer Chyskills. And with other equally blistering songs like "Attitudes," the buggy "Mushroom Talk," and "Hi Volume," this album deserved much more than its strictly cult reputation. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide

^^^^Dope review for Dope album^^^^

1 What Is a Rumpletilskin? (1:03)
2 Attitudes (4:12)
3 Hudz (3:39)
4 Mad M.F.'s (3:31)
5 I-N-I (3:34)
6 Sweet Therapy (3:37)
7 Snikslitelpmur (1:07)
8 Earthquake (3:49)
9 Mushroom Talk (3:58)
10 Is It Alright? (3:00)
11 Theramixx (3:17)
12 Dacumin (0:25)
13 Hi Volume (3:33)

5th Ward Boyz

The first artists brought to Rap-a-Lot Records after the infamous Geto Boys, 5th Ward Boyz originally comprised Andre "007" Barnes and Eric "E-Rock" Taylor. The trio originally recorded for Dewey Forker's Underground Records, but moved through a deal between Forker and Rap-a-Lot chief James Smith. The two executives helped produce the debut 5th Ward Boyz album, 1991's Ghetto Dope, which was distributed through Priority. In mid 90's in Notts, some dudes ran a pirate radio station for about a month, as far as i know it never had a name, or no idea who ran it, but what i do know is that all they played all day and night long was Gangster Music, and with that they only acually had about 3 cd's. Ghetto Dope was one, and hearing Got To Be Down To Die and Blood Sweat & Glory every 10 mins i began to like it........lol

well i brought it and here it is for ya'll....enjoy

1. Intro
2. Ho Shit
3. Studio Gangster
4. Down Azz Zaggin
5. Bitch Pleeze
6. Bringing Hats
7. 5ty Of Ghetto
8. Same Ole Shit
9. Blood, Sweat & Glory
10. Gotta Be Down To Die
11. Undercover Gangstas
12. Ghetto Curse Words
13. Punks And Guns
14. Thanks For The Blessing
15. Outro

Thursday, 22 February 2007

ED O.G & Da Bulldogs

Ed O.G. (born Edward Anderson) penned a poignant and brilliant message track on his 1991 CD Life of a Kid in the Ghetto. "Be a Father to Your Child" was a much more effective plea for parental responsibility than scores of political rhetoric spewed by left- and right-wing types. The entire disc was a disturbing, evocative, and wonderfully produced and performed look at inner-city life that neither glorified nor minimized the tragedy nor understated the triumphs inherent in surviving the madness. The follow-up, Roxbury 02119, wasn't quite as captivating, but was still miles ahead of many more heavily hyped and promoted hip-hop releases in 1993. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

I had thier first album on vinyl, but brought this on cd after hearing Love Comes And Goes i had to cop this, and i couldnt find the vinyl for love or money, although, i did find the said 12" and on the B Side was a true classic, the RZA produced Poison By Scientifk, what a tune that is, but thats a differant story.....lol, click the pic to get a timeless classic!


1. Streets of the Ghetto
2. Busted
3. Love Comes and Goes
4. Skinny Dip (Got It Goin' On)
5. I Thought Ya Knew
6. I'm Laughin'
7. I'll Rip You
8. Go up and Up
9. Try Me
10. Dat Ain't Right
11. Less Than Zero
12. Check It Out

Natural Selections - A Compilation From Delicious Vinyl

Not many labels captured the imagination of hip hoppers like Delicious Vinyl did....signing The Pharcyde capapulted them to fame in 1992 when they dropped A Bizarre Ride Into....., and as more artist's signed up, the now funk driven sound was well established. This compilation dropped in 1994 and is simply filled to the brim with hits, The Pharcyde, Masta Ace INC. and The Wascals all showed thier strengths with some fantastic tracks that will remain classics for ever. Ignore The Angel and The Brand New Heavies and you got a album that is worthy of a purchase, so click the pic, then go and buy this (if you can find it)!

1 - The Pharcyde - 4 Better Or 4 Worse
2 - Born Jamericans - Cease And Seckle
3 - The Brand New Heavies - Country Funkin'
4 - Masta Ace Inc. - Born To Roll
5 - The Angel - Spirit Of Love
6 - The Wascals - The Dips
7 - Tone Loc feat Born Jamericans - Hit The Coast
8 - Born Jamericans - Boom Shack-A-Tack (Dancehall Remix)
9 - The Pharcyde - Pork
10 - Masta Ace Inc. - The B-Side
11 - The Angel - How Deep Is Deep
12 - The Wascals - Hard Rhymes

Kold Sweat Presents RAW Flavours Vol 1 (KSCD9)

Got this from my boy K.I.D. way back, and the boys at Bass Lines, Angles and Rhymes reminded me how hot this label actually was, they simply put UK hip hop on the map and brought an unrivaled amount of Hip Hop artist's to the forefront of the industry, UK never had it soo good!

Check out the little kid on the intro to Fatal Attraction by KID, its his son, Marcus, who was bout 4 when he recorded this, you should see him now...lol....big bastard!

so click the CD pic and enjoy this rear bit of English Hip Hop and be sure to check them Bassline boys, thier Blog is Pure UK hip hop at its best!

Leaders of The new School

Even in the vibrant early-'90s hip-hop scene, A Future Without a Past... emerged as a breath of fresh air, simultaneously presenting a throwback to the old-school rhyme tradeoffs and call-and-response rapping styles of crews like the Furious Five and the Funky Four + One, and vaulting rap headlong into its future. Brash and full of youthful energy and exuberance, Leaders of the New School was the perfect meshing of three distinctly different but entirely complementary personalities whose flows flew in the face of conventional MC etiquette, from Dinco D.'s straightforward, intellectual tongue-twisting to Charlie Brown's zany shrieks to Busta Rhymes' viscous, reggae-inspired toasting -- skirting the line between seriousness and humor -- which, only a few years later, would help him to hit commercial pay dirt as a solo artist. That's not even to mention the DJ and sometime reggae-tinged emcee, DJ Cut Monitor Milo. The result is one of the most infectious rap albums ever created. The songs are, first and foremost, meant to be fun and humorous, and they are certainly that, particularly on Charlie Brown's nonsensical "What's the Pinocchio's Theory," the insistent "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" and "My Ding-A-Ling," and Busta Rhymes' jovial ode to full-figured women, "Feminine Fatt." The cut-and-paste production is expert throughout, packed with fresh samples, thanks to Bomb Squad member Eric "Vietnam" Sadler, the Stimulated Dummies crew, and the Vibe Chemist Backspin, and the group also show themselves to be quite capable with a sampler, particularly Milo's incredible work on "Case of the P.T.A." and "My Ding-A-Ling." But it would be wrong to simply peg this album as a foray into kinder, gentler, more lighthearted and innocent hip-hop. Firstly, the album has the feel and scope of a loose concept album and is separated into three sections, the first two set in school, the final one following the members after school lets out, and that alone points to a group of young men -- mostly still teenagers -- trying to move rap into new dimensions. Secondly, the ambience of New York permeates A Future Without a Past, but it is simply presented from a younger and far less jaded perspective. Songs such as "Just When You Thought It Was Safe" and "Sound of the Zeekers @#^**?!," if not exactly hard-edged and political, offer far more than throwaway sentiment, and lyrically L.O.N.S. never descend into naiveté. The album portrays a group of young men who are fully emerged in the sometimes less-than-innocent urban life that characterizes hip-hop culture, but are also able to transcend the inherent limits and pitfalls to which that life can lead. In that sense, it is a celebration of all the best aspects of hip-hop culture and youth. ~ Stanton Swihart

^^^^Dope review of an awesome Album^^^^

Make sure you dont miss this one!

1 Homeroom (2:25)
2 Case of the P.T.A. (3:42)
3 Too Much on My Mind (4:27)
4 What's the Pinocchio's Theory? (3:43)
5 Just When You Thought It Was Safe (2:30)
6 Lunchroom (2:10)
7 Sound of the Zeekers @#^**?! (5:16)
8 Sobb Story (4:51)
9 Feminine Fatt (3:08)
10 Transformers (4:00)
11 Afterschool (1:24)
12 Show Me a Hero (4:35)
13 Trains, Planes and Automobiles (4:04)
14 International Zone Coaster (5:05)
15 Teachers, Don't Teach Us Nonsense!! (4:06)
16 My Ding-A-Ling (3:41)
17 Where Do We Go from Here? (6:51)

Click The Pic for Tracks 1-14

Click Here for Tracks 15-17


By the time Sewaside saw the light of day, the public hadn't fully absorbed Das EFX's innovative debut, Dead Serious. The hardcore rap game had barely caught up with the brilliance of their rapid-fire vocal delivery and sample-laden beats. But then again, another crew from Staten Island emerged in 1993 and took the rap game by total storm, leaving the genius of Sewaside somewhat overshadowed by their dominance. However, this change in climate shouldn't overshadow Sewaside as a crucial record in the Das EFX canon. While the duo's methods of madness were slowly emulated by a large plethora of MCs, Das EFX stayed with the same effective blueprint laid down in Dead Serious. By maintaining this consistency, Sewaside lacks the punch in the gut that Dead Serious delivered, but it's still a solid record that completists and newfound fans will equally enjoy. ~ Rob Theakston, All Music Guide

Click The Pic

1 Intro (:37)
2 Undaground Rappa (4:01)
3 Gimme Dat Micraphone (3:16)
4 Check It Out (3:55)
5 Interlude (:30)
6 Freakit (3:18)
7 Rappaz (4:22)
8 Interview (1:29)
9 Baknaffek (3:32)
10 Kaught in da Ak (4:51)
11 Wontu (2:55)
12 Krazy Wit da Books (3:57)
13 It'z Lik Dat (3:31)
14 Host Wit da Most (Rappaz Remix) (3:32)

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Diamond & Psychotic Neurotics

Veteran hip-hop producer Diamond D has helped out with several of rap music's most acclaimed LPs, including A Tribe Called Quest's The Low End Theory and the Fugees' The Score. In 1992, he recorded his first solo album, the underground classic Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop (which was released as by Diamond & the Psychotic Neurotics). Although it never sold very many copies, it increased his status, and he worked with Illegal, House of Pain, KRS-One, and the Pharcyde during the mid-'90s. I think this is an awesome album, with a surplus amount of banging tracks, be sure to check it

1. Intro
2. Best Kept Secret
3. Sally Got A One Track Mind
4. Step To Me
5. Shut The'*!*!' Up
6. '*!*!' What You Heard
7. I'm Outta Here
8. A Day In The Life
9. Last Car On The 2 Train
10. Red Light, Green Light
11. I Went For Mine
12. Comments From Big 'L' And Showbiz
13. Check One, Two
14. What You Seek
15. Lunchroom Chatter
16. Confused
17. Pass Dat S**T
18. Freestyle (Yo,That's That Sh...)
19. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
20. Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Pop
21. Wuffman Stressed Out
22. Feel The Vibe
23. A View From The Underground

H.E.A.L - Civilization Vs Technology

H.E.A.L - Civilization Vs Technology, erm, intresting concept i guess, but i was quite upset when i brought this, i was expecting a dope album with KRS dropping education on the world, but only bout three tracks are actually worth listening to.....lol, but, this is still something that all hip hop fans should listen to atleast once, Heal Yourself and Family Got To Get Busy are stand out tracks, whilst Billy Bragg and Micheal Stripe are simply out of place on this, but atleast they try....lol

Click the pic
1. Heal Yourself - Big Daddy Kane, , Harmony, KRS-One, Kid Capri, LL Cool J, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah
2. I Am What I Am - Sister Carol
3. Anti-Ho - Ms. Melodie
4. Whole World African - Skadanks
5. Don't Hold Us Back - Heather B.
6. Know Your Culture - Kevin B, , , Shabba Ranks, Reverend Badoo, Sleepy Wonder,
7. O' Freedom - Kushite, Musik G., Sky High & Mau Mau
8. One Bright Day - Ziggy Marley, Melody Makers
9. Family Got to Get Busy - DMC, Grand Daddy I.U., KRS-One, Kid Capri, Kool Moe Dee, Ziggy Marley, Ms. Melodie, Salt-N-Pepa
10. Correct Education
11. Family - Simone
12. Civilization Vs. Technology - Harmony, KRS-One, Michael Stipe
13. Tighten up Your Wig - The Athenians, Billy Bragg,


Thought i'd let ya'll know who's running this blog. I reside in Nottingham and i'm happily married with two young children. My love for hip hop runs very deep as since i was bout 11 years old all my money went on buying vinyl. I went to school with Nottinghams rap royality Trevor Rose (Out da Ville, Mr 45 etc) and The imfamous Buddah Brothers (Outlaw among many others) and i'm still very good friends with Notts old school rapper K.I.D. who some of you might know from his stint on Kold Sweat (I'll post his album soon), i been down with Dj One Step Ahead, who ran Notts only Hip Hop Pirate show in the 80's/90's and i think is currently on Kiss in New York (not 100% sure bout that tho')............I hosted a few nights at Notts Hip Hop club "The Marcus Garvy Center" and been lucky enough to meet several hip hop stars including Chuck D, Cypress Hill, Son Doobie, Caveman and various RnB stars. Unfortunatly i had to sell my vinyl collection, which still hurts, to make space for kids stuff, so with the money i made i brought this laptop i'm typing this on and have been slowerly replacing my old vinyl with cd's, all i posted so far are CD's i brough years back, thats why most are second albums, I had nearly every release on vinyl which i sold............So with that i wanna shout out people who fuelled my love for hip hop when i was young....lol

to K.I.D, you still mad son!, Guava records, No.1 hip hop spot!, Trevor and Buddah, big up the Notts crew, B-Rock, keep doing your thing bro, One Step, fucking Legend!!, Selectadisc, good selections!, Funky Monkey, keeping it real!, Musicinjection, letting me get soooo many albums and making some very good freinds along the way, and finally, my wife for letting this laptop run all day.........lol

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Terminator X & The Godfathers Of Threatt

Super Bad by Terminator X and The Godfathers Of Threat is simply an example of everything i liked about 90's hip hop on one cd. Good old Norman Rogers (TX) brought together a collection of hip hop artist that were'nt well known, but all held thier own among legends like Whodini, Cold Crush Brothers and Fantastic Five. Melquan's Krunchtime was as good as anything Nas or any other New Yorker could muster and Joe Sinister's Under The Sun simply blows most hip hop clean out the water, and thats all after Whodini drop It All Comes Down To The Money, which sounded cool at home, but amazing in the clubs!
If you missed out on this first time round dont make hat mistake again, this cd is dope and a worthy member of my collection

Click the Pic!
1. Terminator's Back
2. Kidds From the Terror
3. Godfather Promo
4. Sticka
5. Money Promo
6. It All Comes Down to the Money
7. Thumpin's Goin On
8. Krunch Time
9. G'damn Datt DJ Made My Day
10. Stylewild '94
11. Funky Piano
12. Side Final Promo
13. Make Room for Thunder
14. Scary-Us
15. Learn That Poem
16. Under the Sun
17. 1994 Street Muthafukkas Gong Show
18. Don't Even Go There
19. Herc Yardman Word
20. Mashitup
21. Say My Brother
22. Put Cha Thang Down
23. Herc's Message