Monday, 19 February 2007

7669 - From A Bad Block

7669 are a RnB with a rough edge from 1993........all i know about them is from the CD cause the internet dont know are 4 girls called Shorty 1 Forti, El-Boogie-E, Big Ang and Thicknezz who were/are on Motown and were exclusivly produced by the legandry Lionel C and Associate produced by Jackie-O who had a minor success in the 90's........They had a old school feel to them cause Full Force and Kangol produced tracks are frequant through this cd, the track i heard which made me hunt this down was again on the Dj Red Alert Show and was called "69 Ways To Love A (Black) Man" which to me is The sound of RnB in the early 90's, a banging Beat and smooth lyrics, don't sleep like many did in the 90's and Click the pic, its classic material that you wont find anywhere else (except the leech's

1. Heree Ah Cumm
2. This Session (Interlude)
3. 69 Ways to Love a (Black) Man
4. Ma, I Luv Him (Interlude)
5. Joy
6. Shoot the M.F. in His Kneecap (Interlude)
7. Changes
8. Conversation fo Yo Ass (Interlude)
9. R.M.A. (Will U Remember Me)
10. Crossover Message (Interlude)
11. Last Song
12. Who Dez Bytches Anyway (Interlude)
13. So High
14. Tic Away
15. By Your Side
16. Cabaret (Interlude)
17. Cloud 69
18. 1-800-Dial F.. (Interlude)
19. King Size Bed
20. Shmoken' Em Up Y'all (Interlude)
21. Phillies, 40's & 69


Anonymous said...

Mad props!

ron art said...


This CD was garbage when it came out back then, and is not considered a classic. Motown did not push it because of the "risky" image they had at the time, outside of the fact that they were tax write offs.
"so high" got minimal play at best.

I happend to be intern at Motown back in 93 & 94, before the Andre Harell era.

Im not knocking your review, im just trying to provide a bit of behind the scenes info.

ron art

Perfecta said...

well, i know very little about the cd or group, and at the time of purchase it sounded

empee said...

i always wanted to check this group out... never got the chance til now... thanks....

Anonymous said...

i love this group of divas the song and video for so high" made me fall deep in love with the group.