Friday, 23 February 2007


Damn, hell knows whats wrong with my^^^^^^^^

One strange thing about D-Nice's second solo album is how, in "25 ta Life," he claims to not be into treating women like hookers, when a song from his debut -- "Pimp of the Year" -- painted a very different picture. And no disrespect to Too Short (at least everyone knows where he stands), but you can't give him a guest spot on your record and expect to be considered anti-womanizer. Whether or not "Pimp of the Year" was intended as a spoof, it's all but impossible to not see a contradiction. At any rate, To tha Rescue is a slight dip from Call Me D-Nice; even with a revolving door of a supporting cast that includes Too Short, Naughty by Nature, and KRS-One, D-Nice wasn't able to put together an album that progressed from his debut. The album isn't without its winning spots, however. In "Time to Flow," he sounds tougher than ever; he steps up and swaps verses with Treach without sounding any less intense than his sparring partner. On "No No No," a track produced with Skeff Anselm, he delivers some lines worthy of KRS: "But don't talk about thieves/'Cause on the whole, America's the greatest country that was ever stole." D-Nice's own productions aren't as strong as ones from his brethren. This places the album a notch below the debut. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

Harsh, but true, still go cop it, i liked

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tycobb said...

this is a classic cd when it comes to west coast hiphop. sinful was one of the 1st mc's to rap in spanish on a released hiphop track. check for sinful stuff he also goes by el pecador. dont sleep on this banger. peace