Thursday, 22 February 2007


By the time Sewaside saw the light of day, the public hadn't fully absorbed Das EFX's innovative debut, Dead Serious. The hardcore rap game had barely caught up with the brilliance of their rapid-fire vocal delivery and sample-laden beats. But then again, another crew from Staten Island emerged in 1993 and took the rap game by total storm, leaving the genius of Sewaside somewhat overshadowed by their dominance. However, this change in climate shouldn't overshadow Sewaside as a crucial record in the Das EFX canon. While the duo's methods of madness were slowly emulated by a large plethora of MCs, Das EFX stayed with the same effective blueprint laid down in Dead Serious. By maintaining this consistency, Sewaside lacks the punch in the gut that Dead Serious delivered, but it's still a solid record that completists and newfound fans will equally enjoy. ~ Rob Theakston, All Music Guide

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1 Intro (:37)
2 Undaground Rappa (4:01)
3 Gimme Dat Micraphone (3:16)
4 Check It Out (3:55)
5 Interlude (:30)
6 Freakit (3:18)
7 Rappaz (4:22)
8 Interview (1:29)
9 Baknaffek (3:32)
10 Kaught in da Ak (4:51)
11 Wontu (2:55)
12 Krazy Wit da Books (3:57)
13 It'z Lik Dat (3:31)
14 Host Wit da Most (Rappaz Remix) (3:32)

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