Sunday, 18 February 2007

Figure Uv Speech

I got this after hearing Ready to Wreck on a DJ Red Alert Show in early 90's, i thought it was dope enough to buy, but couldnt find it for love nor money, that was untill i saw the album a few weeks later, which i've upped for you guys, this group was slept on like no other in the 90's and i never seen any other release by them or can find much info on them online, i mean, i had to edit the mp3's my self rather than letting eMusic find the

well, click the pic and enjoy, you find this many other places!

1. Intro One
2. Ready to Wreck
3. Girls Love the Jam
4. Jank [Talking]
5. Next Contestant
6. Full Jig Move
7. Wick Wick Wack
8. Body Snatchers
9. Check It Out
10. Pass It on (Freestyle)
11. Intro Two (They're Back)
12. Who Got the Vibe
13. Jank [Talking]
14. Can We Kick It
15. Keep the Faith
16. What Is This
17. Jank Two [Talking]
18. Hardcore Funk
19. Commercial
20. Anytime a Honey

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