Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Nice And Smooth

Another of 1990's shamfully slept on albums, Jewel Of The Nile by Nice and Smooth (in my eyes) is a classic, their chemistry is well known, and this album dropped at a time when hip hop was leaving the old school style behind, so old school heads like me welcomed this, i recognised many of the beats and it still sounds fresh today.................Of course they manage to hold thier own with Slick Rick, and Everlast also makes an apperance, this album is another that all Hip Hop fans should own
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1. Return Of The Hip Hop Freak
2. The Sky's The LImit
3. Let's All Get Down
4. Doin' Our Own Thing
5. Do Whatcha Gotta
6. Old To The New
7. Blunts
8. Get Fucked Up
9. Save The Children
10. Cheri
11. No Bones Remix (Bonus Track)

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The Gosub Routine said...

thanks 4 this old skool gem, perfecta.