Saturday, 17 February 2007

Parental Advisory

The cleverly named rap trio (P.A.) consists of K.P, Mello, and who have worked on albums with artists such as TLC, Pink, Rehab, Outkast, and Goodie Mobb. The Atlanta-based group debuted in 1992 with Ghetto Street Funk and signed to DreamWorks Records for their 1998 self-produced follow-up, Straight No Chase. Two years later they delivered My Life Your Entertainment, which featured guest appearances by Noreaga, Eightball, C-Lo, Khujo, and Jim Crowe, among other hip-hop stars.
1. Strictly Butcher
2. Da Boom
3. Lifeline [Remix No.1]
4. Bullshit (Interlude)
5. Maniac
6. BB
7. Sex in da Morning
8. Ghetto Break (Interlude)
9. Ghetto Head Hunta
10. Let Loose the Lingo
11. Manifest
12. Milk
13. Reyes Not Fall
14. Da End

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