Saturday, 24 February 2007

Slick Rick

Once upon a time not long ago, when people wore pyjama's and lived life slow, there was a young rapper by the name of Slick Rick. Moving to the Bronx from London at a young age, Rick Walters (who was blinded in one eye from a broken glass accident as a child)after graduating found himself using his London accent to join up with Dane Dane and form The Kangol Crew. They made fame in rap battles all aroung New York and at one of these in 1984 he met Doug E Fresh...........You know the rest!

heres his debut solo album fron 1988, the Great Adventures Of Slick Rick changed Hip Hop, and has been imitated by several rappers since. Salute this classic!

1 Treat Her Like a Prostitute (3:55)
2 Ruler's Back (5:38)
3 Children's Story (4:02)
4 Moment I Feared (3:36)
5 Let's Get Crazy (3:51)
6 Indian Girl (An Adult Story) (3:17)
7 Teenage Love (4:53)
8 Mona Lisa (4:08)
9 Kit (What's the Scoop) (3:22)
10 Hey Young World (4:37)
11 Teacher, Teacher (5:00)
12 Lick the Balls (3:56)

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