Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Ultramagnetic Mc's

Arising from the Boogie Down Bronx in the mid-'80s as a far-flung hip-hop trio with a heap of new ideas to try out,Ultramagnetic's Kool Keith, Ced Gee and DJ Moe Love occupy something of a singular place in the old-school pantheon. Combining funk-heavy tracks with jeep-rocking beats and obscure lyrical references, Ultramagnetic MC's have a list of firsts to their credit: the first group to employ a sampler as an instrument, the first to feature extensive use of live instrumentation...the first to feature a former psychiatric patient (Keith) on the mic. Early singles like "Something Else" and "Space Groove" were block-party staples and created waves in the underground, eventually landing the group on the disco-dominated Next Plateau label, where they released their underappreciated debut. The following years found the group shuffling from label to label, releasing albums on Mercury and Wild Pitch before splitting to pursue various projects. ~ Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

01 - Introduction To The Funk.mp3
02 - Intro.mp3
03 - M C Champion.mp3
04 - Go 4 Yourz.mp3
05 - Blast From The Past.mp3
06 - Funk Radio.mp3
07 - Message From The Boss.mp3
08 - Pluckin' Cards.mp3
09 - Intermission.mp3
10 - Stop Jockin Me.mp3
11 - Dolly And The Rat Trap.mp3
12 - The Old School.mp3
13 - Bust The Facts.mp3
14 - Murder And Homicide.mp3
15 - You Ain't Real.mp3
16 - Make It Happen.mp3
17 - I Like Your Style.mp3
18 - Bi-Lingual Teaching.mp3
19 - Poppa Large.mp3
20 - Moe Love On The 1 And 2.mp3
21 - Porno Star.mp3
22 - The P.M.R.C. ID.mp3
23 -Chorus Line Pt. 2.mp3


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