Monday, 12 February 2007


I picked this on Import back in 1992 when i heard it over the counter at my local hip hop shop, after hearing Nas on the first track i paid for it, and by the time it was halfway thru there was several people offering to pay twice as much as me for it, but the shop knew i was a loyal customer so i walked home with the vinyl, which sat very proudly in my collection.....not only did Nas bring "Halftime", but AMG, Boss and The Goats all were well worthy contenders for the standout song and after hearing these i waited patiently to buy Nas's, AMG's, Boss's and the Goats full albums, which were all good, and will all be posted soon!

01 - Nasty Nas - Half Time.mp3
02 - Amg - Dog From Around the Way.mp3
03 - The Goats - Do the Digs Dug.mp3
04 - Mc Serch - Puff the Head.mp3
05 - Boss - Explanation of a Mad Bitch.mp3
06 - Kool Moe Dee - Good Time.mp3
07 - Ex Girlfriend - Colorless Love.mp3
08 - Mc Breed - Sister and Brother.mp3
09 - Forte Featuring Damion Hall - Holding on.mp3
10 - Portrait - Precious Moments.mp3

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