Saturday, 16 June 2007


Can anyone help ?

Any one got invites or unused accounts on the following sites?

any help getting on any of these would be greatly appreciated




olem1 said...

sorry, can't do anything for you for these sites but... maybe you can help me... :P
How can I be invited on Ultimate Wu ?
I can be extremelly polite but would that be enough ?^^


Perfecta said...

invites on its way young man, thanks for the intrest.....and i'll get on one of these sites one day...

Wu-Tang said...

Can anyone let me know who, or how, to contact the author of to get an invite? It's an awesome site, but it went private. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Perfecta said...

send me a email adress and i'll send you an invite..easy as

Jms said...

could you also send me an invite to the ultimate WU please? Would i require a yahoo email adress as i dont have one of those but i can set one up.


Byron said...

Sorry, cant help you out there, any chance of me getting an invite to ultimate-wu aswell?

Thanks =]

Dylon said...

Yo, can I get an invite for ultimate wu aswell?

My email is:

If you want, I can hook you up with a invite for the torrent site/tracker Demonoid.