Monday, 27 August 2007

My Craziest Post Yet?

I have NO idea who this group are, NO idea what the lyrics are about, NO idea why i brought it and NO idea why i like it, but i

If anyone can give me any info on the group or a tracklist i'd greatly appreciate it, as the whole cd is in Japanese



Dylon said...

Nice post.

btw, its actually all in Chinese (Mandarin) not Japanese.

Perfecta said...

oh, sory about that, i hope i aint affended no one, my language skills aint what they should be!

Hatch said...

Interesting, I'm looking forward to checking this out, any chance you could put up the cover or link to the album cover? Cheers

Perfecta said...

i can do if you like it, but i'll wait for you to hav a listen first...its a love it or hate it album

Hatch said...

It's all good, there's a pic in here, this is pretty cool stuff, it's good to mix it up, while I'm at it check out some beats coming out of K-town (korea), mainly very jazzy & polished beats. Niceness;