Sunday, 9 September 2007

Janet - Together Again 360kbs CDS 1997

1-Together Again (Radio Edit) 4.07
2-Together Again (Tony Humphries Club Mix) 6.44
3-Together Again (Dj Premier 100 in a 50 Remix) 5.22
4-Together Again (Jimmy Jam Deep Remix) 5.46
5-Together Again (Tony Moran 7" Edit W/ Janet Vocal Intro) 5.29
6-Together Again (Jimmy Jam Radio Mix) 4.00

I brought this for the Premier Mix, which still sounds fresh today, as does the rest of this
nice little CDS i picked up a while ago, enjoy.

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Hatch said...

That's what I'm talking about! It's coming into summa over here so this perfecta! Don't lie hip hop heads, you be feelin this too!

apani said...

Thank you for this! That primo joint is fire!

Anonymous said...

Can you post the pic in bigger format? or please send it to me at