Monday, 22 October 2007

The Diabolical Biz Markie

01 - Something for the People (DJ Krush Rmx)
02 - Something for the People (DJ Krush Rmx) (Inst)


01. Understanding Feat Biz Markie & AZ(Demo Version)
02. Understanding (Instrumental)


01- young girl bluez (album)
02- young girl bluez (instr.)
03- im the biz markie (album)
04- im the biz markie (instr.)
05- family tree (album)


01 - Vapors (Vocal Mix)
02 - Biz Is Goin' Off (Incl Double Barrell) (Dub)
03 - The Do Do (Bonus Beats)


01 - Studda Step(Vocal Version)
02 - Studda Step(Instrumental)
03 - Studda Step(Vocal Version)
04 - Studda Step(Acapella)


Jap White Label...
01 - Something For The People
02 - Something For The People Instrumental


01- Pickin Boogers (Vocal)
02- Pickin Boogers (Dub)


01 - Just A Friend (Ard Done By Mix)
02 - Just A Friend (Dub Instrumental)
03 - Just A Friend (LP Version)
04 - Just A Friend (Instrumental)


01 - A Message From The Biz
02 - Bennie And The Jets
03 - Biz's Bonus Beats


01 - And I Rock (Dirty)
02 - And I Rock (Instrumental)


ILLustrious said...

ahhhh sheeeit! now this is what im talking about! thank you for all these gems! be easy fam

Tom said...

Thanks for the biz!


Tom Jay said...

Thanks for the Biz. Cheers!

ron art said...

yessir. the BIZ! Nobody beats the Biz..


ron art said...

Yunno, its funny how time flies. Rewind to 1987....

I remember Biz was that dude you would always see at Albee Square Mall, with the tjhe fat dooky rope chain, and a few girls walkin' behind him. He was a fixture in the mall, and around Fulton street Brooklyn in general. Cool down to earth dude and approachable. Tru neeighborhood celeb minus any arrogance.

I miss those days.

Tomislav said...

thx for the biz singles. really rare to see anybody even mentioning the biz, but to see some 12''...

eric said...

dude, what's up with the .exe files?!?! this is a crazy collection right here, but i just can't bring myself to open an .exe file when it just doesn't make any sense why it would be an exe. thanks anyway.

Perfecta said...

eric, they are only self extracting files, so you dont need winrar or winzip or whatever to open them, they perfectly safe, i mainly make them so when leeches spread them my links the folk who download from there will question them too..All i can give you is my word, but you can definatly trust me with them......

ron art said...

hey..i didnt send any exe file, so please leave me out of that conversation or emails! thanks.

Perfecta said...

Ron Art..?? aint sent me nothing, or have i ever mentioned you in conversation or emails...why would i?

andre said...

wow u killed em on this post ..thanks

apani said...

Classic Biz.Dope. Good Looking.