Saturday, 3 November 2007

Pete Rock

Revenge - VLS - 2006


Shine On Me - VLS - 2003


The Yearn - VLS - 1996


T.R.O.Y - VLS - 1992


Unreleased Joints - VLS - 1996


Back On The Block - VLS - 2000


Heard Em' Say - VLS - 2006


Its A Love Thing - VLS - 2004


Nothin' Lesser - VLS - 2001


Back On The Block Ltd Edition RMX - VLS - 2001


Next up...........?


Anonymous said...

The Chocolate Boy Wonder!!! Thanks can't go wrong with this much Pete Rock. Can't wait for NY Finest!

bigsd said...

whoa!!!that was my request.
thanx 4 this joints.

ron art said...

yea man. dope sh-t! good post.

Anonymous said...

GRC- Great drop for the whole Pete Rock , was digging the unreleased comp.

John Q said...

Yo, Perfecta, Good Lookin on the Pete Rock post. You have been puttin in good work (from lookin at past post). You know, I fell the same frustration you have with post items you put time into organizing and only two three people leave a comment. I will try to comment on other post (and those to come). I commented in the c-box, but I have to say Great blog and hope you can visit my blog sometime. One Love! (oh my blog is

andre said...

yo thanks a million for the pete rock posts ..i really needed these..

apani said...

Yo Perfecta,

Great site. I just found out about it recently through
Time4sumaksion. Keep it up. Bananas!


Zillacles said...

Tank you! :P