Saturday, 12 January 2008


01. Shawty Is Da Shit! (Feat. Fabolous) 4:22
(Produced By L.O.S.)
02. I Luv Your Girl (Produced By C. 4:27
"Tricky" Stewart)
03. Fast Car (Produced By L.O.S.) 4:50
04. Nikki (Produced By C. "Tricky" 4:05
05. She Needs My Love (Produced By C. 4:29
"Tricky" Stewart)
06. Falsetto (Produced By C. "Tricky" 4:31
07. Playin' In Her Hair (Produced By 3:14
08. Purple Kisses (Produced By L.O.S.) 5:13
09. Ditch That (Produced By C. "Tricky" 4:59
10. Luv Songs (Produced By L.O.S.) 4:41
11. Livin' A Lie (Feat. Rihanna) (Produced 4:16
By C. "Tricky" Stewart)
12. Mama (Produced By C. "Tricky" Stewart) 4:02
13. Shawty Is Da Shit! (Feat. R. Kelly) 4:08
(Produced By L.O.S.)

Release Notes:

Props to the Ka-boom crew for releasing the normal edition. This version
includes the R. Kelly version of Shawty Is Da Shit.

Ripped as per request, for internal distribution. Yes, we do requests too. Need
something? Just ask...

Don't forget to support the artists! We did.

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