Monday, 5 May 2008

RE-UP - Wu Tang Clan - Demo Cuts (Deluxe Edition)

Click the front for Part One, and back for part Two

I'm posting this for two reasons, 1 is that its HOT!...and 2, is that the Scene release group FTD have just released this as thier rip, claiming its got a street date and they ripped it from CD, the truth being, this collection was put together by Supamushroom and the team on (our Old forum which has now became Cuban and the cover by basically, we just shown the scene to be completely fake....Fuck The Dumb?


Anonymous said...


That's hilarious!

f em! dumb scene

johnny23 said...

dont even get mad about it , that shit happens all the time, just keep doing your thing man, we know the real.!!