Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Yall So Stupid - Van Full Of Pakistani's ( Edited For Radio Play)

dont know how rare, but i never seen it before......classic album that i brought for the track "the plant" back in the day......sold the vinyl and went hunting for the cd many years later....found this...enjoy!!!!!!!

01-Introduce Me
02-85 South
03-Van Full Of Pakistanis
04-Bowl Of Soup
05-The Plant
06-Bootleg Beatdown
07-Family Tree
08-Dirt Road White Girl
09-Monkey Off My Back
10-Super Nigga
12-On & On
13-You Wouldnt Understand
14-85 South (Soul Controller Remix)

and remember two things...only found on 900 blog and pump it at the bbq, it wont affend no one!!!!

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Anonymous said...

i didnt even know this existed, crazy thanks