Friday, 23 February 2007

5th Ward Boyz

The first artists brought to Rap-a-Lot Records after the infamous Geto Boys, 5th Ward Boyz originally comprised Andre "007" Barnes and Eric "E-Rock" Taylor. The trio originally recorded for Dewey Forker's Underground Records, but moved through a deal between Forker and Rap-a-Lot chief James Smith. The two executives helped produce the debut 5th Ward Boyz album, 1991's Ghetto Dope, which was distributed through Priority. In mid 90's in Notts, some dudes ran a pirate radio station for about a month, as far as i know it never had a name, or no idea who ran it, but what i do know is that all they played all day and night long was Gangster Music, and with that they only acually had about 3 cd's. Ghetto Dope was one, and hearing Got To Be Down To Die and Blood Sweat & Glory every 10 mins i began to like

well i brought it and here it is for ya'll....enjoy

1. Intro
2. Ho Shit
3. Studio Gangster
4. Down Azz Zaggin
5. Bitch Pleeze
6. Bringing Hats
7. 5ty Of Ghetto
8. Same Ole Shit
9. Blood, Sweat & Glory
10. Gotta Be Down To Die
11. Undercover Gangstas
12. Ghetto Curse Words
13. Punks And Guns
14. Thanks For The Blessing
15. Outro

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