Thursday, 22 February 2007

ED O.G & Da Bulldogs

Ed O.G. (born Edward Anderson) penned a poignant and brilliant message track on his 1991 CD Life of a Kid in the Ghetto. "Be a Father to Your Child" was a much more effective plea for parental responsibility than scores of political rhetoric spewed by left- and right-wing types. The entire disc was a disturbing, evocative, and wonderfully produced and performed look at inner-city life that neither glorified nor minimized the tragedy nor understated the triumphs inherent in surviving the madness. The follow-up, Roxbury 02119, wasn't quite as captivating, but was still miles ahead of many more heavily hyped and promoted hip-hop releases in 1993. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

I had thier first album on vinyl, but brought this on cd after hearing Love Comes And Goes i had to cop this, and i couldnt find the vinyl for love or money, although, i did find the said 12" and on the B Side was a true classic, the RZA produced Poison By Scientifk, what a tune that is, but thats a differant, click the pic to get a timeless classic!


1. Streets of the Ghetto
2. Busted
3. Love Comes and Goes
4. Skinny Dip (Got It Goin' On)
5. I Thought Ya Knew
6. I'm Laughin'
7. I'll Rip You
8. Go up and Up
9. Try Me
10. Dat Ain't Right
11. Less Than Zero
12. Check It Out

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