Sunday, 25 February 2007

Cypress Hill

Every now and agian i'd go into my local hip hop shop to buy a 12" or album and they'd have nothing worthy of my hard earned cash. More than often i'd simply buy an album cause of who produced it or who featured on it, many times i got home to find some real garbage...Nemesis anybody?, one day i there was simply nothing that caught my eye, so i picked up this Cypress Hill and decided the tracklist looked intresting enough to warrent a purchase......Boy was i glad i did......This album is One of the best ever made, several tracks are years ahead of any other releases at the time.....and when they finally started to get some recognition and no one in my town could get hold of this, i simply sat back safe in the knowledge that i had a classic!

1 Pigs (2:51)
2 How I Could Just Kill a Man (4:08)
3 Hand on the Pump (4:03)
4 Hole in the Head (3:33)
5 Ultraviolet Dreams (:41)
6 Light Another (3:17)
7 Phuncky Feel One (3:28)
8 Break It Up (1:07)
9 Real Estate (3:45)
10 Stoned Is the Way of the Walk (2:46)
11 Psycobetabuckdown (2:59)
12 Something for the Blunted (1:15)
13 Latin Lingo (3:58)
14 Funky Cypress Hill Shit (4:01)
15 Tres Equis (1:54)
16 Born to Get Busy (3:00)

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