Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Thought i'd let ya'll know who's running this blog. I reside in Nottingham and i'm happily married with two young children. My love for hip hop runs very deep as since i was bout 11 years old all my money went on buying vinyl. I went to school with Nottinghams rap royality Trevor Rose (Out da Ville, Mr 45 etc) and The imfamous Buddah Brothers (Outlaw among many others) and i'm still very good friends with Notts old school rapper K.I.D. who some of you might know from his stint on Kold Sweat (I'll post his album soon), i been down with Dj One Step Ahead, who ran Notts only Hip Hop Pirate show in the 80's/90's and i think is currently on Kiss in New York (not 100% sure bout that tho')............I hosted a few nights at Notts Hip Hop club "The Marcus Garvy Center" and been lucky enough to meet several hip hop stars including Chuck D, Cypress Hill, Son Doobie, Caveman and various RnB stars. Unfortunatly i had to sell my vinyl collection, which still hurts, to make space for kids stuff, so with the money i made i brought this laptop i'm typing this on and have been slowerly replacing my old vinyl with cd's, all i posted so far are CD's i brough years back, thats why most are second albums, I had nearly every release on vinyl which i sold............So with that i wanna shout out people who fuelled my love for hip hop when i was

to K.I.D, you still mad son!, Guava records, No.1 hip hop spot!, Trevor and Buddah, big up the Notts crew, B-Rock, keep doing your thing bro, One Step, fucking Legend!!, Selectadisc, good selections!, Funky Monkey, keeping it real!, Musicinjection, letting me get soooo many albums and making some very good freinds along the way, and finally, my wife for letting this laptop run all

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word to The wise. keep up The good work p. one