Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Terminator X & The Godfathers Of Threatt

Super Bad by Terminator X and The Godfathers Of Threat is simply an example of everything i liked about 90's hip hop on one cd. Good old Norman Rogers (TX) brought together a collection of hip hop artist that were'nt well known, but all held thier own among legends like Whodini, Cold Crush Brothers and Fantastic Five. Melquan's Krunchtime was as good as anything Nas or any other New Yorker could muster and Joe Sinister's Under The Sun simply blows most hip hop clean out the water, and thats all after Whodini drop It All Comes Down To The Money, which sounded cool at home, but amazing in the clubs!
If you missed out on this first time round dont make hat mistake again, this cd is dope and a worthy member of my collection

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1. Terminator's Back
2. Kidds From the Terror
3. Godfather Promo
4. Sticka
5. Money Promo
6. It All Comes Down to the Money
7. Thumpin's Goin On
8. Krunch Time
9. G'damn Datt DJ Made My Day
10. Stylewild '94
11. Funky Piano
12. Side Final Promo
13. Make Room for Thunder
14. Scary-Us
15. Learn That Poem
16. Under the Sun
17. 1994 Street Muthafukkas Gong Show
18. Don't Even Go There
19. Herc Yardman Word
20. Mashitup
21. Say My Brother
22. Put Cha Thang Down
23. Herc's Message

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