Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Poizon Posse

Heres another that i know very little about, but after hearing "This Is It Ya'll" on The Dj Red Alert Show i tracked down and brought the cd...........now i aint gonna kid ya and say this is very good, but its worth the download cause i doubt you'll see it elsewhere, what i mean by not very good is that even when extracting this i didnt know wether to put the genre as hip hop, rap or rnb, so i left it........lol........but "This Is It Ya'll" still sounds very good and fresh today, so enjoy!

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1. Who's in the House (Intro)
2. This Is It Y'all - Poizon Posse, Sweet Tee
3. Bitch (Interlude)
4. P.P. Just Ain't Havin' It
5. Professional Relaxers
6. Pimpin' a Nigga (Interlude)
7. I'm the Other Woman - Poizon Posse, Sweet Tee
8. This Is What We Do All Day
9. Tell 'Em What Time It Is (Interlude)
10. Stompin'
11. Headbangers
12. Kickin' Biz Like This
13. That's the Ways of the World
14. What (Interlude)
15. Sexy
16. Shout Outs

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