Tuesday, 20 February 2007


I Only copped this after hearing AWOL on some pirate station years back, and although its pretty standard west coast gangster hip hop, it holds itself with many others that were released around the same time. His beef with Dr Dre was the main reason this sold back in 1995, but after hearing RBX on a Dr Dre produced Eminem track kinda shows what a fickle world the hip hop world is...lol

I upped this after seeing a request, so enjoy some mid 90's west coast beats!
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1. Introduction
2. Brother Minister A. Samad Muhammad
3. A.W.O.L.
4. Slip into Long Beach
5. Edge
6. Rough Is the Texture
7. Burn
8. Our Time Is Now
9. Feathers in the Wind
10. Rec Dialec Introduction (Interlude)
11. Tundra
12. Drama (Interlude)
13. Mom's Are Cryin'
14. BMS on the Attack
15. Sounds of Reality
16. Armageddon (Interlude)
17. Akebulan
18. Fightin' the Devil
19. No Time
20. Our Time Is Now (Outro)
21. A.W.O.L. [Gregski Remix]

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