Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Def Jam West dropped this and i could'nt let it pass after hearing her on the zebrahead soundtrack and on AMG's album. With solid production throughout and a flow that caught every ones attention, this album (in my humble opinion) is classic material and should be in EVERY hip hop fans collection!.......................
Dont sleep, click the pic
1. Intro: A Call From Mom
2. Deeper
3. Comin' To Getcha
4. Mai Sista Izza Bitch
5. Thelma & Louise
6. Drive By
7. Progress Of Elimination
8. Livin' Loc'd
9. Recipe Of A Hoe
10. A Blind Date With Boss
11. Catch A Bad One
12. Born Gangsta
13. 1-800-Body-Bags
14. Diary Of A Mad Bitch
15. 2 To Da Head
16. I Don't Give A Fuck
17. Outro: A Call From Dad

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